Biography Adrak Karuum was born on the planet Lixanos in the year 5098, he was somewhat genetically engineered at the request of some scientists who wanted to experiment on creating a unique kind of warrior for the personal use and protection of the Emperor.

When he was born, Adrak's parents took him to the laboratories and stayed with him whilst his genes were altered. Once the engineering was completed he was kept in isolation for two months where he was monitored constantly. Seeing that everything was going according to plan, Adrak was returned to his family for two years before he was sent off to be educated.

Adrak, along with thousands of other genetically enhanced infants, were sent to a specific kind of educational institute on the opposite side of the Lixanos super continent where they learnt and trained exclusively from the rest of the population.

Due to his enhancements Adrak was much stronger and more intelligent than the regular Lixiiak, able to lift twice the weight and endure twice as much activity before needing rest. From the age of five, Adrak was trained to endure freezing temperatures, recite strings of numbers with no mistakes, pilot various Lixiiak vessels and hit a target with a rifle before taking into account the environment.

By the time Adrak was 17 he was ready for duty within the Emperor's Guard, he was shipped to the palace with a number of others. From there he was handpicked by the Emperor himself, after a series of unrecorded trials and questionings, to be apart of the Elite, one that very few Lixiiak had the privilege of becoming.

The first step Adrak took was crafting his own weapon. though he was given the blueprints he deviated drastically and created his own version of a rifle.

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