The Antromorphs are the native inhabitants of the planet Chitus. They are semi sentient, intelligent quadrupeds and bipeds.

All Antromorphs are part of a colony; in total Chitus has seventeen of these colonies dotted on its surface. A colony can easily reach a billion individuals. The lives of Antromorphs are very much intertwined due to imprinting at a more primitive stage during their particularly slow evolution. Differences, like those found in dog breeds, led to four main subspecies of Antromorph; Erd, Alck, Irfe and Mray.

The biped group stand, on average, at six feet, the quadrupeds stand at a maximum height of five feet though they have a length of two meters. All Antromorphs have mandibles rather than hinged jaws and all are carnivorous. Conflicts between the subspecies of their kind have resulted in cannibalism.

Antromorphs fail to have a space navy or advanced weaponry but thats due to a lack of resource rather than knowhow, however, when invaded they ruthlessly and efficiently remove the threat using their immense strength and a combination of fighting styles and tactics.

The Antromorphs as an entire population agreed upon a ban on foreign inhabiters sharing their homeworld, any presence of migrants are either sent back or killed and eaten; depending on the subspecies that finds them.


This species was encountered by Humans in the year 5106 whilst mankind was undergoing a short tour of the systems the Lixiiak were allied with. Not particularly fond of visitors at all the colony elders refused a shuttle carrying the fleet admiral access to the planet stating that if they did it once for the Humans other species would feel inclined or deserving to have a landing party of their own set down on the surface of Chitus.

Though they were a very self isolated species the colony elders agreed, in the year 5109, to opening trading routes with the Lixiiak and Humans so long as they supplied the orbital station to do it.