Denver Xanders was a Human male, he stood at 6ft 3 which was a rather intimidating height on the planet of Taralia considering they never really exceeded 6ft. Denver had olive skin and dark curly hair that he trimmed regularly for neatness. He had brown eyes and kept his beard at stubble length.


Denver Xanders was born on the planet of Taralia despite it being the Terran homeworld, his parents had moved there under Earth's goverments orders. His family, like all the other Human families, was there to observe the Terrans and report any signs of hostile monements.

He grew up with his mother and father, though he did have a sister, Leanne Xanders, he hadn't seen her since her birth as she was born on the planet Mars and was unable to leave due to regulations so she had to stay there with their Uncle and Aunt.

Denver went to school with all the other Terran children and he lived a very happy and adventurous life, often traversing the city as he grew older. He particularly enjoyed visiting The Royal Toybox, a neat and beautiful toy shop where he was quite friendly with the Human owner, Jackie Lysone.

When Denver turned seven years old his attention turned to the Royal Palace itself and his adventurous and curious nature led to him sneaking into, and exploring, the courtyard, immersing himself in the expensive materials and beauty, though he wasn't permitted the gardeners never informed the guard of his presence, not seeing him as anything to worry about, instead they allowed him to help and taught him about the various plants and flowers that grew there.

In the months that followed, Denver's visits to the palace increased in frequency until he was found out by the Princess Joelle and her best friend Rose. They found him, whilst they played in the grass, sat in the shade of a tree drawing a flower. At first they were quite disturbed by his presence as they weren't used to having those outside the palace visit them but it became clear that he was no threat to them and that perhaps he would be a good play buddy.

Over the years that followed Denver, Joelle and Rose built up a friendship becoming near inseparable, though Denver was still required to sneak into the courtyard each day. Eventually, one particular lunch time, Denver entered the courtyard and was searching for the girls when he came across them having a small picnic with the King and Queen and Rose's mother and father, Lady and Lord Eloyd. Denver was backing up when the girls spotted him and ran to him, calling his name and beaming at him. Denver almost broke down in fear at the confrontation of all four parents at once. Though they demanded how he got in they, like eveyone else, didn't see him as a threat and let him continue his visitations, though this time under supervision.

In 5121, the Baron of Ternal returned to Taralia for a five year visit, he brought with him his son, Balazar, whom Denver took an immediate dislike towards thanks to his excessively stuck up and rude attitude towards him and Joelle. In turn Balazar disliked Denver, due to his relationships with Joelle and Rose, and gave Denver a really difficult time, despite being much smaller.

When Denver was fourteen years old he was also admitted more official access to the palace as the Queen acknowledged his friendship with the girls as being healthy for their social lives considering they were cooped up in the palace for most of their time.

At sixteen, in 5124, he bedded Rose on her sixteenth, though that wasn't exactly allowed.

In 5126, he was in the presence of Rose and walking through the palace to find Joelle; Rose excused herself to the bathroom whilst Denver continued on. Upon arriving at Joelle's chambers he knocked but received no response, using the code the Princess had given him he entered the room, only to find Joelle on her back in a pool of blood with a knife at her side. Balazar turned up a few minutes after Rose did and immediately called the guards. Denver realising what was going to happen, fled the scene with Joelle's knife and Rose's help. His banishment was inevitable, his actions ultimately rekindling the war that had just begun to die down. All Humans were forced to leave the planet but the hunt for him meant his parents had to sneak off the planet without him.

For the next year and a bit Denver went into hiding, using The Royal Toybox as his hideout. During this time he salvaged an AI unit from the scrapyard, polished it up and renamed it Socket, he also salvaged a speeder bike and created an array of small non lethal-ish arms that he planned on using for self defense should he ever be found.

In 5127, when living conditions on Taralia became near atrocious, there was a revolt of the Terran people, a well thought out plan that led to the storming of the palace. Denver used the opportunity to reunite himself with his former lover, Rose, and escaping with her back to the Toybox along with her parents and the King and Queen though they were horrified that Denver could even consider returning to the palace.

Stealing a Human Medical frigate that had been sent for scrap after Humans were forced from Taralia the group escaped thanks to both Denver and Socket's rather unorthodox flying methods from years of speeder riding.

Socket navigated them to the Lignum system where they docked at Darium's orbital station for repairs. Darium wasn't part of the Human Core worlds and had little knowledge of the Terran Princess dying or even who the Terran Royalty was.

Denver had Socket hack into the Terran Royal funds and withdraw a healthy sum of money that they used to repair and upgrade the frigate which Denver renamed Royal Ivory in memory of Joelle's favourite material. After Darium they jumped to the Sol system where Denver handed over the King and Queen to arrange a way to create peace, he was also made a hero of ROMC for escaping Taralia and was given a place as a merchant pilot.

In the week that followed his escape Denver visited his family on Mars, introducing Rose, who had told her parents that she was adamant on sticking with him, before departing to explore the galaxy as he had always planned on doing