Garret Warwick was born in London, England to a fairly well off family. He went to school and grew up as any ordinary citizen would. He did well and was planning on continuing to university and becoming an engineer. However, despite his good grades he wasn't given a place to continue his education due to a mix up that no one was bothered to fix. Due to this he changed his future plans and signed up for ROMC.

During his trials he just about managed to make it into the corps. After this he set about on many sleepless nights and overtime to bring his scoring up, his determination paid off and he gradually increased his combat efficiency until he came out on top of his class.

Whilst part of the recruits Garret was nicknamed "Giraffe" by his temporary squad mates. This name stuck and was carried forward as his future callsign.

Following his final tests he was handpicked by the famous military leader, Commander Yarlen as part of a new team that he was establishing for reconnaissance and extraction.

(More to be added)