Intelligent and semi sentient swine bipeds. The Higrotie are a species of oversized mutants, the Higrotie are the galaxy's most brutal creatures, a reputation known by all across the discovered galaxy.

They stand at 6ft 6 and weigh around 800 pounds. They harnessed electrical power into combat staffs and rifles.

They wear minimal clothing both due to their size and the biological fact that their blubber is resistant to a high number of laser rounds before needing to take cover to rejuvenate. This is down to the fact their skin is studded with small sheets of bone made from some odd structural tissue native to their genes. 

A rival and enemy to the majority of other worlds thanks to their destructive nature and notorious reputation of attacking heavily populated worlds without warning.

They failed to learn the universal language introduced to overcome the speech barrier between species. 

The majority of the Higrotie people show little remorse for other species and organisms in general and as a result their homeworld and colony world are a polluted mess, something they curiously thrive in.

Their planetary system is further away from most of the others and is heavily guarded by a massive armada of war vessels and armed orbital stations.