"The Parasites are again causing problems for Chitus" - Antromorph Elder, Sykra Niydew.

Sentient intelligent mammalian bipeds. Currently the fastest spreading of all the species despite their limited time as space capable. Though of near identical genetic make-up Terrans and Humans are in an indirect and direct war for territory. Both the Human and Terran populations are considered one of the "Ancient" species of the galaxy.

History of Human Advancement

Due to them being fast spreading species, as well as a highly curious one, both Terran and Human life forms were dubbed by a number of species as "parasites". The Terrans took more offence to this than the Humans due to a horrific infection caused by a parasite that wiped out a quarter of their homeworlds population.

Humans first became fully space capable in the year 4432, but they spent a century and a half probing the surfaces of their systems planets and creating space stations that harvested useful gases from the gas giants, or acted as command centres for any surface projects on the rocky planets. The most famous and largest of Human orbital space stations is The Eye, which sits in Saturn's orbit and is used as a scientific stronghold as well as a military docking station.

Also during their century and half of system limited research Humans turned Earth into their core world that mass produced weapons and ships for space exploration and combat as well as numerous secret projects to further advancement. Mars became home to a population of 3 billion and was used to supply Earth with a seemingly inexhaustible source of iron.

In the year 4646 the first working Particle Drive was created and safely tested. Travel to intersystem planets as well as external ones was now possible in a short space of time. Travel to Pluto could now be made in half an hour. The problem with the Particle Drives was that they were excessively large, a ship smaller than 500 metres couldn't be fitted with one, a solution was met by creating Particle Gates, or as they were later nicknamed, 'Slingshots', which allowed for a ship smaller than 500 meters to reach planets in a short space of time. Particle Gates were rendered near pointless in the year 4701 when Particle Drives measuring two metres squared where created allowing for all sized ships to jump to any planet.

In the year 5113, the Humans had one of their fleets attacked by Higrotie forces at the Needles (orbital medical towers). The fleet was destroyed within minutes having been caught by surprise, the Needles themselves would have followed had a second Human fleet followed by a Lixiiak battlecruiser not entered the system and driven them away.

History of Terran Advancement

In 3321 a horrendous plague infect much of the Terran population resulting in the deaths of a quarter of the planets entire population. The plague started off with symptoms of the Humans common cold (though the symptoms were unfamiliar to the Terrans) but gradually became a skin rash, then high temperature quickly followed by death. The plague was vanquished after the Ief arrived and offered a cure in return for trading routes and passage through their system. The Ief also requested that the Terrans send a colony fleet over to their planet system and inhabit a planet (that would later be called Ternal) as the Ief and the other species of that system were unable to due to the atmosphere and lack of life essential resources that they required though they did value the ore deposits that could be found there. For this to happen the Ief aided the Terrans in their quest for space capability, though the first successful launching of a cruiser was made six hundred years later.

Terrans became operational in space in the year 3992. Their fleets grew in size steadily over two hundred years. Though the Terrans were slow in their initial rise to space readiness they managed to build themselves their first Particle Drive within a century compared to the Humans who developed theirs in a course of four centuries.

The first encounter Terrans and Humans had of one another was in the year 5106. When the scouting Terran battleship 'Generous' came across a Human fleet in the Paellicius System whilst carrying an ambassador to the planet Weral Dux. A brief exchange by the captains stating their businesses was received rather well by both sides and resultant meetings were organised until the first colonies moved to the others primary planet. Earth was extremely wary of the Terrans and stated their homeworld as being Darium rather than Earth.

In the eighteen years that followed things went well until two untimely catastrophes occurred consecutively. The Terrans and Humans engaged in a brawl over the mineral deposits that floated in the Stiria System. As it was slowly coming to a resolve the Terran princess Joelle Sternzal was murdered, supposedly, by the Human male, Denver Xanders, who was at that time a welcome citizen of the planet Taralia. Humans living on the planet Taralia were given a three day grace period to leave the planet before war was declared. A number of Humans failed to make it out in time, including Denver, though he survived and later escaped. It was a further two years until the Terrans found out who was really responsible for Joelle's death and called off the war at the annual confederation of the year 5126.

(Note: more to come soon.)