Found on the planet Varpine. The Kitsune are sentient intelligent canine bipeds. Their species has a number of sub species including dog-morphs and wolf-morphs. They share all the characteristics of a canine but on a Human/Terran frame and their behaviour is a lot less canine and more homosapien.

They are often no taller than 5ft 6 for males and 5ft 4 for females. Breeding between Kitsune and Human/Terran is possible. Their number of tails varies from Kitsune to Kitsune and is due to mutation, though the more tails you have the more respect you deserve, it is unheard of for any Kitsune to be born with more than nine tail. Kitsune have soft fur that can be of all known colours.

They are technologically advanced though they retain old customs when finding mates. Some of the Kitsune people live in primitive villages in the woodland that covers much of their planet, yet their are two large and heavily industrialised cities each about 100km in diameter.


(Note: History soon.)

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