"You've seen what they'll do, what makes you think they'll be any more merciful towards your people?"
- Adrak Karuum
Lixiiak are a species of saurian sentient intelligent reptilian bipeds. They are from and named after their home planet, Lixanos. The Lixiiak are a highly militarised species though the use of their weaponry is limited to self defense and the protection of other species suffering from oppression.

The Lixiiak are highly skilled in combat due to a period of infighting during their primitive stages and later advanced genetic alterations of individuals that became a worldwide requirement by the Lixiiak Emperor. They are also one of the few species that have harnessed the use of plasma in their weaponry.


The Lixiiak are a highly honourable species and see it in their duty to help the species that suffer from oppression. Their efficiency at resolving conflicts earned them the galaxy's "peace keepers", however it is known that Lixiiak have, in the past, declared war on other species for no distinguishable reason other than dislike for them, hence there is an ongoing dispute between them and the Higrotie.

The Lixiiak have a monarchy as their leading global authority; Emperor Arndur Nayduk. Emperors or Empresses are often born into power but Arndur claimed the throne in the year 5074 at the age of 38 when the former monarchy was failing to provide order for the people. Nayduk led a revolt which led to the Emperors death and his coronation. After that Arndur set up the Lixiiak Warriors, a group of highly skilled genetically enhanced Lixiiak soldiers tasked with protecting the Emperor himself as well as performing strike missions and acting as ambassadors.

When Humans became an space capable the Emperor had one of his Warriors, Adrak Karuum, transferred to a Human infiltration squad in order to understand them better. It became clear to the Lixiiak after the war with the Higrotie that they were a valuable allies due to their determination and bravery, though more often than not, curiosity got them killed.

The Lixiiak were involved in a number of wars; they steered clear of engagement in the Human-Terran war but they helped investigate into Joelle's murder. During their investigation they crossed paths with the "princess slayer" on a military rescue frigate called the Pandora Beetle which he had stolen from Taralia, modified and commandeered with the help of an AI unit and a Human female.

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