Semi sentient/intelligent amphibious quadrupeds; frog-like in appearance they crawl on all fours yet can pounce ten to fifteen feet at a time on powerful hind legs. when sat on their haunches they can stand up to seven feet tall. Their flesh is lumpy and can be either green or brown based on the positioning of the sun when they hatch.

Rana, like typical frogs of Earth, have long tongues which they use to catch prey, they can also use their tongues as weapons and have been seen to combine tail strikes and tongue lashes when fighting one another for mates or territory. They have thing, weak looking forearms and webbed feet and hands, their entire bodies are coated in a thin layer of slime which they can secrete like sweat depending on the temperature and humidity at various times of the year.

A peculiar and rather disgusting trait of these semi intelligent species is that the males have been known to take other species as hostage and use them for breeding purposes when females are taken due to their late arrival for mating season. The hosts, whether male or female, often die should they be used to lay eggs, however, many Rana males simply keep their hostage for sexual purposes due to their semi sentient and primitive nature.


(Note: Rana history coming soon.)