Sergeant Wells


(Sergeant) Johnathan Wells was a Human male born in 5097 on the planet Earth, he grew up in the American state of California. Due to a long line of the family's male figures being part of the established and rewarding ROMC it was a life long compulsion and desire to become a soldier of ROMC himself.

At 17 years of age Wells signed up to become a marine or as they were all nicknamed a "Groundhog" he passed the initial tests with flying colours and the Drill Sergeants and Captains could already see he had a lot of potential and would amount to a become a great military leader.

When Wells turned 18 he heard the news of the Higrotie attacking one of the ROMC fleets at the Needles, though there was little he could do he made it a personal quest to help stop the Higrotie from causing any more damage. Wells was almost discharged from ROMC in 5115 after brawling with a fellow marine in a dispute. Though neither marine was dismissed they were stuck on report, after which Wells kept his head down for a significant period of time and managed to get off report in time for the final examinations. Again he passed with flying colours, just twenty points short of the highest score ever achieved.

At nineteen years old, Wells was sent on a trial mission to the planet Multar within the Petram System, there the team was attacked by unauthorised Higrotie forces, though the team lost most of their soldiers, including the commanding officer, Wells took charge and led the remnants of the team to safety and managed to get off the planet without further losses. In light of his feat he received the rank of Lieutenant.

When Wells turned 23 he was promoted to Sergeant and given the opportunity to create his own team. He hand picked his troops from whoever he thought was worthy enough, unlike the others, he completely ignored the test scores and selected, almost randomly three from the bottom of the class and one from the middle. Corporal Aimee Clorelle, Private Dirk Alken and Lieutenant Porter Barick, each member of his team had failed in the combat section of their examination and not their specific areas of specialty.

In the year 5121, after three successful missions to various planets, Sergeant Wells and his team were put forward for an external soldier to be made part of the team. This happened to be the Lixiiak Elite, Adrak Karuum.

The teams first mission with Adrak Karuum, in June 5121, was an intelligence retrieval operation whereby one of ROMC's Corvettes had been grounded by illegally placed Higrotie artillery over the planet Tarrak. Though met with substantial opposition, stealth and superior tactics on Adrak and Clorelle's behalf led to their success and safe extraction with nothing more than a few close grazes with Higrotie lasers.

In September of the same year Wells' team was sent on a scouting mission of a supposedly abandoned experimental facility within the dead zone. They find some disturbing projects and are attacked by some once dormant experimental hybrids that result in the death of Porter.

On October 17 5123, Wells was part of a project to send a team of scientists to the habitable but dangerous world of Vordania Prime, though not part of the initial research frigate he was aboard the vessel that was sent to rescue the team after a rather unnerving geothermal pool became known as being an organic life form known by the Xenosapiens as a Crystal Being.

In 5126, Sergeant Wells was aboard the cruiser Fade when the Human Medical Frigate, Royal Ivory, docked and the teenage male, Denver Xanders, handed over the Terran King and Queen as well as the Lord and Lady of Taralia. Wells and his team had the honour of giving Xanders his medal as well as offering him a place as part of ROMC which he accepted.