Socket is the salvaged and upgraded AI unit of the Human, Denver Xanders.


Salvaged from a scrap yard in the year 5124, Denver Xanders repaired and upgraded the abandoned droid, he was refitted with stronger and more flexible armour plating as well as being integrated with a brand new mother board which was partnered with a number of microchips that gave Socket a wide range of emotions and skills that made him extensively more advanced than any of the other AI units. Socket, from the year of his activation in 5124, helped Denver with a number of preparations that they both assigned to the "kidnapping" of Rose Eloyd.

Socket upgraded their hover bike on numerous occasions from spare parts he stole from military caches or removed from scrap yards. Including a significantly expensive one when he removed the laser proof viewports of a corvette, melted them down and applied them to the speeder as a form of coating.

Socket also helped with the invention of a unique form of smoke dispensing concussion grenades that Denver named 'Sparklers'. As well as a metal alloy staff that Socket used in combat.

During the escape from Taralia aboard the Human medical frigate, Socket piloted them from the planet and jumped them to the Lignum System safely and from further potential harm.

In the year 5129, Denver upgraded Socket further with a nanobot coating that would aid in the AI unit self repairing himself should he ever endure wounds that would render his circuitry dead.

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